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My name is Dheerasate but just called me Leon,Graduated from Suansunandha Rajabhat University.I'm funny, interesting, and creative in any type of way. I am a firm believer in the fact that being healthy. I am originally from Roi-Et,Thailand on a very big farm.
Now I have lived just about everywhere in United Arab Emirates for 4 years now and love the place.Sometimes I just love party instead of studying.. I love any comedy, the more offbeat the better.I have a sweet tooth.come to think of it, every piece of me loves
anything sweet. I love everything about aviation, the smell of jet fuel, the sound of the engines, checklist, ATC and even a little bit of the danger aspect (even though there is not much),

Without doubt lifestyle is right up there. I mean, my work place is an ever changing office that takes off from one city and lands in another city. It really makes the world a small place and its never boring because you not only get a brand new bunch of passengers nearly every leg you fly but can also have a change or part change of crew.
Over time I get to meet the whos who in the world from celebrities, world leaders, sports stars world war veterans, entertainers, TV personalities and in general great people.and My soulmate or the right person maybe.

Plus, as I become a flight attendant, I can also work as a reserve flight attendant and spend all that time that I am paid for studying a Diploma, taking art classes, improving my golf game, looking after my gym class and healthy sexy life style, or following any other passion that I want to. Amazing right? Yesss I heard that.


It sounds silly but I love the logo of Faahsai,It shines bright like a diamond in the sky.Well,actually this school really bring out the best in me.Faahsai schools goals and objectives match my needs. Well organization and so many experienced crew in the house
This is How important is flight training to the organization is so important to me.
It has been business for so long.In my class room right here was like a dream world everyone had so much fun and a lot of knowledge in every corner of the class.
Psom is one of the beautiful instructor she got it all.she is a dream catcher ,enthusiasm ,Fashionable, lovely,Femme fatale,and really care how I feel and how much I want to be in the sky. Every lessons is a life learning experienced for me to win any Airline assessment day. I love Faahsai from the bottom of my heart. Every Angel in here has motivational tips and techniques how to handle various situation under training and make me myself and I became a successful and the happiest Cabin crew on board at this moment.

Faahsai taught me how to be fearless.and always raise up my positive attitude.
Hey. Don't ever let somebody tell you... You can't do something. Not even me. All right?
You got a dream... You gotta protect it. People can't do somethin' themselves, they wanna tell you you can't do it. If you want somethin', go get it.
never give up! It is rare to get a job as cabin crew after just one or two interviews. Just because you didnt make the final cut doesnt mean you wont be great cabin crew. Keep applying for all the airlines and remember the more assessment days and interviews you attend, the more experience you have next time around.

Faahsai School is the best and I love you so much.
( you can repeat this sentence as much as you need)
Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.
I wish everybody all the best.

I am speaking only from my own personal experience and perspetive.
I went to Emirates and,Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Opening Day on 2008 and 2010 and made it all the way to the Final Interview stage.I got selected for Qatar Airways but failed for the final stage with Emirates 2 times.(total 29 times I applied)Currently, I am working as a Cabin crew with Air Arabia.

I have to say, it was the most stressful and intense interview that I have ever did so far. It really felt like I was entering an "America's next top model" contest. For those ladies who are interested in making to the second interview please read the following.

First of all, I know it sounds a bit superficial but go on a diet if you are a bit on the heavier side. Emirates are like Asian airlines, they want attractive, healthy, young looking ladies. In addition, I did intensive research on this company (Google and YouTube), there is a lot of information online.

Please dont get me wrong, it's not a beauty contest. Tt's just there were a lot of group work involved and the recruiters had to debrief on their own while we are waiting in the back room for the third rounds result, and that's why it felt like "America's next top model" contest.

The recruiters don't really read your CV, but make sure that you have a fantastic cover letter!! It's your moment to shine on paper, make sure that you praise the company indirectly in your letter.

1. Talk about how you love and appreciate your ethnic background and feel proud to be a member of multiculturalism corporate culture.

2. You have the personality and qualities for proving a welcoming, heart-warming and friendly service to the passengers.

3. If you have past customers service experience, do mention them!! If not, somehow connect your past/current work to customer service industry.

4. Please spend some money to get a photographer to do your passport (7 copies) and a full body shot (arms on your side). Make sure your hair, makeup are fully also done and dress as if you are going to a formal interview! Smile with your teeth, it's a part of Emirates final interview package requirement. This will save you time and money from doing it again... I had to do it twice.

On Open Day, I steamed my business attire (knee length skirt and skin colored stockings), did my full makeup, tied my hair into a clean bun and wore conservative diamond stud earrings, and wore a pair of matching closed-toe shoes.

When I arrived at the hotel where Open Day was taking place, I was shocked by how many people dressed so casually. Emirates or Qatar Aiways want an attractive, ladylike, mature, elegant, presentable, sweet smile candidates who can to live up to Emirate's prestigious image that they are trying to portray to the entire world.

When you are finally there on the first day of the interview, make-eye contact, smile and behave elegantly the entire time!! The recruiters are judging you the second they see you, first impression is everything in this interview process.

As for me, I put a smile on my face, sat or stood up straight the entire time when I was there.

After the orientation about living in Dubai and working as a cabin crew member, you are going to hand your CV, cover letter and photos to the recruiter one at a time. SMILE with full confidence as if you own the entire room. Your posture and manner is everything, please don't suck up to the recruiters. They want people who have what it takes already, not trying to sweet talk themselves into a job. Focus on representing yourself to them.

Keep your answers short and straight to the point! Be positive when you speak about all of your past and current experiences! You only have less than 2 minutes before they decided to either placing you in the callback (less than 25%) or their elimination pile (more than 75%). Keep in mind, Emirates received more than 95,000 applications around the world annually and only 6% of them actually get hired.

Good luck to all the applicants and Dream Catchers.
Sometimes it's all about creating chemistry with your interviewers so they would invite you back to get to know more about you.

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Do you sometimes find it hard to believe that you can really make your dream a reality? Me too..
"Understand that millions of people have made their dream a reality in the past Millions more will make their dream a reality in the future and you CAN be one of them."
I have tried to apply for quite a number of international airlines within this year already and have failed each time. but lucky me I am a failure who was born with talented.Sometimes you just have to find the right airline for you or wait until the right time whether it takes 2 times or 10 times at assessment day. Dont just give up if you really want to be Cabin Crew, then you will get your dream job, but be determined! remember that this is a learning curve and it will take time.Please don't don't just give up whoever look at this picture.Take your first steps now towards your dream job and be confident that you too, will one day be working in the skies...Believe in yourself!!

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It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.
In one recruitment drive, one airline received 75,000 applications in a month period, 800 of those were invited to assessment days and in turn, only 120 got the job, so you have to work at it. The road is long, but if you really want a job as Cabin Crew you keep trying until you get there! And I will always love my best school at all time.


School of language and airline business "We Fulfill Your Dream"
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